Substrate Data Platform

Powering the Hyper-Connected 5G World

Fully reactive

Your data appears instantly on any connected device.

Integrated analytics

Perform real-time analytics to extract value from your data.

Any data model

Graph, time-series, tabular, documents: all in one generic store.

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No more serialization

Substrate uses a unified data model. From the wire, to the storage on disk, there are never any data conversions.

In traditional applications, there are many serialization stages. This makes systems slower and harder to scale. On top of that, it makes them harder for engineers to understand.

With Substrate, all that is no longer necessary. Serialization only happens once, in the client. From the wire to the database, everything Substrate does uses the same data format, saving valuable processing time for what actually matters.

Overview of the traditional architecture for connected applications.

In traditional architectures, serialization occurs at many points during the processing of a request.

Semantic modeling

Visualization of a graph containing semantic information.

With Substrate, you can represent your data in the way that makes sense for your business. Graph, tabular, timeseries or any other type of data are all represented uniformly.

You can combine these forms and embed them in each other. This makes it possible to build applications in a way that has never been possible before.

The freedom to build applications as you've always wanted is finally here.

Ready for 5G

As 5G is rolled out world-wide, it becomes more and more important for applications to have low latency and reactive processing. As the network latency goes down, the relative weight of application processing time goes up.

By removing serialization from the picture, Substrate makes it possible process requests much faster. Your code can start processing as soon as the request comes in, and return a response without ever changing data formats.

Users are expecting 5G to make their applications faster, but this has been limited by traditional software architectures. With Substrate, it is possible to deliver the experiences users expect and demand.

5G market size from 2018 to 2026 (interpolated)

About Substrate

Behnaz Beaumont Behnaz Beaumont
Christian Beaumont Christian Beaumont
Jouke van der Maas Jouke van der Maas

We are an independent software research and development organization focused on the Hyper-Connected future.

It is our mission to equip businesses and application developers with the necessary platforms, tools and infrastructure to help deliver the always-on real-time products and services needed in a fully connected world.

Our patented technology based solutions are applicable across a broad range of sectors, from Environment, Smart Cities, Mobility, Science, Automation Logistics, Retail and Supply Chain; through Healthcare, Gaming, IoT, Government, Military and FinTech.

Substrate, Inc. is a Delaware based Corporation with Intellectual Property holdings in Seattle, USA; and development headquarters in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

For further information about our technology, products and services please contact us at We look forward to hearing from you.